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   Life Insurance

We offer a wide range of life insurance policies for residents in Spain.We offer life cover for death, additional cover for permanent absolute disability, death by accident and/or through road traffic accident, permanent absolute disability due to an accident and/or traffic accident, serious illnesses and cover for your mortgage.The insurer will pay the fixed amount of insurance at the time of death or at the expiry of the certain period.

At present, life insurance enjoys maximum scope because the life is the most important property of an individual.

Each and every person requires the insurance.

This insurance provides protection to the family at the premature death or gives an adequate amount at the old age when earning capacities are reduced.

Under personal insurance, a payment is made at the accident.

The insurance is for life and family protection.



   House Insurance

We offer cover for permanent residence, holiday homes and rental homes, as well as log cabins and park homes. We can cover for accidental damage, fire, theft, floods and all natural disasters, including earthquakes. Contents and buildings can be insured as a whole or separately.

We are sure to have the right cover to suit your needs and budget.



   Health Insurance

Private healthcare insurance is designed to make you feel secure when you need medical treatment. It makes sure that when you need treatment covered by the health insurance plan you’ll be cared for comfortably, quickly and given a greater choice about where and when you receive treatment. It also offers you flexibility around appointment times and a choice of specialists, consultants and surgeons. If you are in hospital you may prefer to have a private en-suite room, access to tv and telephone and more flexible visiting times.

State health service budgets are under strain and waiting times for treatment can be long and may get longer. Private health insurance gives you a wide choice of quality hospitals and other medical facilities to choose from enabling you to receive prompt treatment at a convenient time and location.

However, we know that the world of private medical insurance can be baffling. With so many different policies to choose from how can you decide which is the right one for you and your family? That is why Costa Blanca Home insurance does not work with just one medical insurer, we work with a variety of insurers and each provider has a range of plans. We have chosen the best the market has to offer aimed specifically at people who live away from their home country for all or part of the year.

It usually covers:


The treatment of critical illnesses

Medical bills prior to or post hospitalisation

Day care procedures like Cataract operations

Surgery interventions



   Funeral Insurance

Not a cheery subject, but have you ever thought about how would cope with the funeral arrangements if your partner passed away?

Different customs, bureaucratic procedures, difficulties with the language and all at a time when you are grieving.

It is often a subject that expats shy away from talking about but in reality the organisation of a funeral in Spain can be quite daunting and is increasing in price all the time. Another consideration is that it is quite common for bank accounts of the deceased to be frozen leaving loved ones with a financial as well as emotional burden.

For these reasons you should consider buying a funeral plan. It might seem a morbid purchase but it is practical, will ease the burden on your family and sadly it will one day be used.By planning your funeral in advance you can be sure to have the funeral that you would like and release your family from the stress and anxiety of organising it at a time of great distress.

There are three Plans available to choose from. You pay today´s prices and the funds are invested in an independent Trust Fund on your behalf. So however much the cost of a funeral rises, you still get exactly what you have planned and paid for. There are no medical or health questionnaires to complete and, whatever your age or medical conditions, you can purchase a Plan. with our plans it is simple, the funeral is paid for and your family just have to make one call and a international Counsellor will assist from there; removing all language barriers.

Maybe your plans will change after losing a loved one and do not want to stay in Spain any longer. Don’t worry, your funeral plan is transferable back to another country.

There are easy payment options available rather than paying the full price, it is possible to pay over 12 months interest free or if you prefer, you can pay over 3 or 5 years. Once the plan is paid for, that’s it. This is not an insurance policy, where a premium is paid annually until death.

If you would like more information, we’ll be happy to help.



   Car Insurance

Car insurance for expats is our speciality, we insure British and Spanish registered cars in Spain, with full green card at no extra cost, which covers you anywhere in the world. Also, European VIP roadside assistance cover is included in every policy.

From basic third party to fully comprehensive, we have a policy to suit your needs and budget.

Because we too are expats, our team of Customer Service Advisors understand that you may have questions or queries about our insurance products and therefore we are ready to answer all your questions and find the car insurance that covers your needs.

As we are a broker and we work with many leading international insurance companies we will find you the best policy.


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