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Tue 2 March 2021

Local News | La Juliana pequena

Have you ever wondered why this once magnificent house stands abandoned ?
“La Juliana Pequeña”
Here is a translation of the story behind this abandoned once loved mansion by a local historian from Almoradi, he writes many interesting blogs. Hope you enjoy reading his account about “La Julianita”
Amongst the silhouette of old Elm trees, “La Julianita” is hidden away from the motorway AP7 Alicante to Cartagena, part of the farmland reaches the Hoyo Serrano and a small portion of our municipal area. The farm was owned by the IV Marqués de Cordellas, Alfonso Pons and Trénor (1924-2003).
He reformed this house himself at the end of the 1940s, the huge mansion whose silhouette we have all seen on the way to Torrevieja with such beautiful gardens also designed by him and where he spent an important part of his life with his family.
Sadly, in the mid-1970s, vandalism (among many other causes) left the mansion and the gardens in the state in which we find it today.
The abandoned gardens, sadly full of sick elm trees create a unique and different atmosphere. Visiting the place in autumn, hearing the birds that nest in the empty trunks or simply strolling around, is really recomendable.
Although there is another part that Jose didn’t want to photograph, the part that little by little is being transformed into a landfill. It began with a car that left an old mattress, then a truck dumped some old junk, rubble was dumped... Now the days are numbered!!
Testimony of his daughter:
"I feel a great helplessness and immense sadness seeing these images of what was my home during my childhood. Circumstances forced us to stop living there and we came to Madrid. We were still visiting the farm for Summer holidays, Easter and at Christmas but in the mid-70s we were broken into and robbed ... We hired a removal truck to go to our farm immediately after the first robbery to pick up what was left and to reinforce the entrances and also to report the break-in... but there was no time, the second robbery came the next day, this time it included vandalism. They were not satisfied with stealing, what they did not steal was destroyed: family photos, books, documents were shredded, they tore my sisters' Communion dresses, memories ... everything ... they also destroyed the house with graffiti etc. Little could be rescued, very little.
My soul breaks. Someday, with more courage, I will tell you more. Unfortunately now there is no cure for the elm trees, they have been ill for years, I don’t know how they are lasting so long with this plague that has killed so many elm forests in Europe ... my father tried with all his soul.


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