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Tue 5 November 2019

Spain News | Rosa Tours

I just love it when after all these years of living in Spain I can still find great new adventures and culture days out for all the family to enjoy.

Viajes Rosa Tours is our local travel agency based in Ciudad Quesada whom also specialise in daytrips or short breaks away. Their bilingual tour guides will safely take you to some of the most magnificent touristic places and traditional Spanish events that this wonderful country has to offer.

We often use Rosas travel agency to book our holidays and we have always been extremely impressed by all the destinations and package holidays they have organised for us, so much so that we decided to book a daytrip with them for something different to do on the last Spanish national bank holiday (DIA DE LOS MUERTOS).

I visited Rosa tours Facebook page and straight away something struck my eye, a daytrip to Cocentaina´s  Medieval Market for only 13€ per person this trip would include the bus pick up and drop off from our Village and a bilingual tour guide on board to help us out if we needed.

I decided to book it for the 3 of us with a pick up at 9.30am in Algorfa on the 1st of November. To my amazement the Rosa Tour Bus arrived at 9.28am and we were welcomed on board by the very friendly tour guide Bethany and driver Paco. For those of you who don’t live here in Spain, I was amazed that the bus was on time because here in Spain everyone is always late hence the famous mañana jokes! So far so good and bonus points for them for punctuality.

More bonus points were given after we arrived safely at Cocentaina at 10:51am, we were dropped off at the side of the tourist information office (thoroughly thought out drop off point) and was told to be back there in the same spot at 4:30pm for our return trip back to Algorfa. Bethany (the tour Guide) gave us her phone number in case we got lost or needed any information or help during the day which we all thought was a great idea.

The market plays an historic part of the Town Held annually since 1346. This yearly event is organised today thanks to the dynamic and entrepreneur spirit of the local folk of Cocentaina. There was over over 700 stalls to walk around. You can liturally buy anything from a donkey to a washing machine. There were also sections of the market with a distinctive Arabic flavour and another part which was dedicated to a medieval atmosphere giving a feeling of going back in time to medieval days…

The sausage, cheese, jam, beer and wine stalls were by far our favourite part where we got to sample the local traditional food and drinks for free before deciding which ones to buy!

We were advised by Bethany to only eat at stalls that displayed their prices,  so with that advice on board we asked the price prior to eating, drinking or purchasing anything on the day and we weren’t disappointed or over charged for anything.

We arrived back at the bus stop where the bus was yet again on time (bonus points galore) all the passengers boarded the bus without any fuss and Paco drove us safely back to Algorfa. 

An amazing day was had by us all and Rosa Tours did a fantastic job!

If you are lucky enough to be in Spain in this area this time next year I would definitely recommend you visit it for yourselves with Rosa Tours. It truly was an enjoyable day out full of culture, laughs and great food.

Rosa Tours have a facebook page where you can find a wide range of daily bus trips.

 I will definitely be booking again!

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